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Find Tops Schools in Sharjah List to Offer Quality Education

  • September 19, 2017

    Offering quality education to a child is very important for their overall development in life. The Far Eastern Private school in Sharjah focus on not only offering best education to the students but also nurtures the students to become an intellectually mature and spiritually oriented person that helps them to become an individual firm on principles and values in life. This is one of the best schools in Sharjah list that has been established in the year 2001 and is mainly based on the Philippine curriculum offering education for the pre-elementary, elementary and secondary grade students. This school has their campuses in Sharjah, Al Shahba and Al Azra with state of the art facilities and infrastructure to offer quality education and overall development for the students. Sir Ahmed Al Ansari and Madam Maria Teresa Sales Al Ansari own the school and run under the able leadership of the principles Annalyn Mogol and Luisa K. Mendoza for each of the campus. The school takes care in offering a safe and educational environment that allows every student to bring out their talent and excel in their studies. The school strives hard to bring out the true potential of each student helping them to study well and succeed in academics. This is the reason that Far Eastern Private school is on the top list of schools in Sharjah.

    The school makes sure to appreciate parents as partners in the overall growth of the students and involve them in various activities like family day, sports festival, foundation day etc encouraging them to take an active role in the success of their child. The school with a vison to become a globally competitive center for academic excellence offers a holistic approach towards education to help the children not only excel in academics but also develop as socially upright individuals irrespective of their race, gender and culture and become good citizens who are guided by the values of humility, honesty, excellence, hard work and nature loving that leads them to success in life. The school offers best facilities to the students along with transportation to enjoy best school environment. The school maintains a balance between education and extra-curricular activities for overall development of the students.

    You can go through the curriculum followed by the school and also details about the faculty before actually seeking admission for your child in FEPS.

    Far Eastern Private School located in Sharjah. Established in 2001, has implemented the Philippine curriculum and is welcoming students who require Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Secondary Education. For more details about far eastern private school website visit us.

    University City Road,Al Shahba
    Sulaiman Traffic Signal
    United Arab Emirates
    +971 6 568 0888

  • June 27

    Find Tops Schools in Sharjah List to Offer Quality Education is actually quiet hard, i was on and i tried so hard but so many schools are just not the same anymore !