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Pharmasynth is One Of The Bets PCD Pharma Company

  • September 11, 2017

    Pharmasynth was established in the year 1984 with the purpose to serve the nation making easy availability of high quality medicines to everyone. The company has started its operations with two state of the art pharmaceuticals manufacturing units one in Delhi and the other in Haridwar. Within no time the company has earned a high reputation among the drug manufacturers, trade and also medical professionals for their commitment and quality services being offered to the ailing humanity of the country. The company is GMP & ISO certified known for their world class contamination free products with all inputs like the raw materials, consumables, packaging materials etc undergoing strict quality tests to produce the company formulations. A lot of research and development is also a regular process in the company with the staff being trained and exposed to the latest technology and validated methods in bringing out quality products in cost effective manner and zero defects. They also focus on the development new molecules and technical up-gradation to keep up with the technical changes happening in the industry. The company is today proud to announce its capabilities in bringing out tablets, capsules, ointments, liquid orals, ear drops, enema and other products in different doses under ethical, patriotic and hospital range.

    Pharmasynth has also evolved into a leading PCD pharma company offering their services to help smaller pharmaceutical companies in the distribution and marketing of their products at both the national and international level. The company also offer third party manufacturing services to optimise the fullest capacity of their manufacturing units and also help out small pharmacy companies to reduce their costs on production and focus on their core business activities. Pharmasynth has a very huge base of clients for contract manufacturing who utilise the manufacturing units of the company to produce their products and also marketing and distribution in the market. The company has a dedicated team of experts for both manufacturing the formulations as well as taking the products into the market effectively to serve people who are in need of quality medicines at affordable price.

    The PCD pharma company has set a goal beyond manufacturing medicines and their responsibility towards the well-being of the society and participating in different social activities to do their bit to the nation. The company continuously put in their efforts to offer affordable, efficient and better healthcare system to the society through their commitment and dedication in bringing out the best quality medicines and promote them in the market to reach out every ailing person in the society. is one of the largest pharma contract manufacturing company in India. We also service our select quality conscious clients with pharma third party manufacturer facility. For more details about pharma contract manufacturer visit us.

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