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Far Eastern Private School Stands as One of the Best

  • August 18, 2017

    If you go through the list of schools in Sharjah you shall come across the Far Eastern Private School as one among the top schools in the city.  FEPS was established in the year 2001 in Sharjah that was based on the Philippine educational curriculum offering classes for pre-elementary, elementary and secondary education to the students. Under the able leadership of the school owners Sir Ahmed Al Ansari and Madam Maria Teresa Sales Al Ansari, the school is recognised by the Philippines department of education and also the Ministry of education UAE. The school puts emphasis on moulding the students as individuals with self-confidence and belief in others and the world around them to turn out into responsible citizens in the future. The school focus on an overall development of the student both intellectually and spiritually with a good character, firm on principles and also courageous and determined in action.

    In 2016, Far Eastern Private school has also opened their new branch in Al Azra which is an exclusive girls’ campus from grade 5. Both the campus focus on bringing out the true potential of the young minds who are encouraged to develop their knowledge and enhance life skills that would help them to achieve their goals in life. The school ensures every child receives holistic quality education and transform into responsible individuals equipped with values like honesty, hard work, humility, excellence and nature loving in their future endeavour. The experienced teaching staff as well as the non-teaching staff put in their efforts in shaping up the young minds to realize the vision and mission of the school into reality. The management also takes care in offering safe and best environment for the students to pursue their education and excel in life.

    By visiting the school portal you can go through all details like the school curriculum, departments, extra-curricular activities and also academic schedule of the school for you to take a well informed decision to join your child in the school. The school is recognised by the government education department and offers the best facilities and transportation services for the parents to leave their children in the safe hands of FEPS. Rules and regulations of the school are strictly followed to incorporate timeliness and values in the children. You can contact the school for admission process and join your children in one of the best in the list of schools in Sharjah.

    Far Eastern Private School located in Sharjah. Established in 2001, has implemented the Philippine curriculum and is welcoming students who require Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Secondary Education. For more details about far eastern private school website visit us.

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