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Travel At Your Will By Availing The Car Hire Services

  • November 28, 2017

    If you are one among those who would like to drive their own car than the car rental service is for you that allows you to drive the car even though your own car is not accessible either due to a break down or you being out of station. Yes, the Dubai car rental service offer a fleet of cars for the visitors to UAE as well as the locals who don’t like to rely on cab services. Hiring a rental car would surely give you the flexibility to travel at your will anytime and anywhere without the necessity to call for a taxi or wait for one. As the car hire services also offer you a range of cars in different categories like luxury cars, middle range cars and economy cars you can choose one that best suits to your luxury and comfort without compromising on your status. You can find these cars maintained in the best condition and are available for you to hire for a day, week or a month at competitive rates.

    All you need for the car hire is a valid driving license, above 22 years of age and the amount for deposit and renting out a car. The terms and conditions are very flexible as long as you return the car in the same condition just like you hired it out. However, the rental car should not be used for other purposes like off road driving, rallies, motor sports or other activities and any damage to the car has to be paid by you for the repair work. You should also not smoke in the car or use it for any other illegal activities. You can also checkout for the insurance coverage to the vehicle if you want to rent out the car for a longer period. You should also return the car with the same amount fuel when the vehicle has been handed over to you. Other facilities like child safety seats, GPS navigation equipment, mobile phone with GPS are available for additional charges.

    If you are hiring the car on a monthly rental you can enjoy free pickup and drop off at the airports by the car rental services. You can go through the collection of rental cars available for you to make a choice and book one online by paying the advance and a deposit amount at the time of the vehicle keys being handed over to you.

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