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FEPS - Cheapest School in Sharjah

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    December 22, 2017

    Most of the parent’s lookout for the best school to offer quality education to their children but at the same time it is not expensive for their budget. This is what the Far East Private School too believes and is not only the best schools in Sharjah but also cheapest school in Sharjah with affordable fee structure. The school was founded by Sir Ahmed Al Ansari and Madam Maria Teresa Sales Al Ansari 16 years back in Sharjah. The school is based on the Philippines curriculum and is recognised by both the department of education, Philippe and also the Ministry of Education of the host country. The school offers admissions in Pre-elementary, Elementary and Secondary education helping the students to not only turnout intellectually mature but also a person of character with spiritual orientation. The school believes in a holistic educational approach and overall development of the student being clear and firm on principles and resolute in their action. The school inculcates not only self confidence in the students but also belief in the world around them.

    The FEPS School works with a vision to help the children become globally competitive with excellence in academics and human development through their holistic educational approach. The school guides the students with values of excellence, hard work, team work, honesty, humility, nature loving and continuous learning to become responsible citizens in the future. The school gives equally importance to academics as well as cultural activities that gives the children an overall development of their personality. The school also involves parents in their activities inviting them for the foundation day, sports festivals, family day etc as they also play a key role in the success of the student. Being one of the best schools in Sharjah, FEPS has the best infra structure and transport facility offering students a safe and secure learning environment in the school. The faculty and the non-teaching staff offer their support for the betterment of the students and take care of them in the school.

    For admissions you can visit the school website to download the application form and submit. Being the cheapest school in Sharjah you can expect low fees and other scholarships and get details from the school office. You can go through the curriculum and the faculty on the portal to make your decision about joining your ward in the school.

    Philippine School in sharjah is one of the best School in Dubai. It is recognized by the Department of Education, Philippines and the Ministry of Education of the host country. To Know more details about philippine school sharjah visit our Website.

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  • June 13

    Thanks for telling me which is the Cheapest School in Sharjah. The uk essays review told me that there are some in Sharjah which are really cheap. And I am thinking about enrolling my child there.