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Find Best Schools in Sharjah to Offer Quality Education

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    November 9, 2017

    Parents always wish to offer the best to their children and when it comes to schools that plays a very important role in shaping up the future of the child you should be much more careful to ensure your child receives best education through the chosen school. To find one in Sharjah you can go through the best school list in Sharjah that gives you an idea regarding the available opportunities to join your child in one of the best schools in Sharjah. The Far Eastern Private School in Sharjah (FEPS) ranks as one of the top schools in Sharjah school list which has been established in the year 2001following the Philippines curriculum and enrol students in the pre-elementary, elementary and secondary education. The school with the best infrastructure and a holistic educational approach has been striving to help the students become intellectually mature and responsible citizens in the future with a clear and firm conscience and resolute in action.

    The FEPS School is recognised by the ministry of education UAE and the department of education, Philippines that has the best faculty and curriculum at par with the international standards to encourage the students to enhance their knowledge on different subjects and also learn the outstanding life skills to be successful in life. The school also emphasis on the role of the parents in shaping the future of the students and thus encourages them to actively participate in the school programs like foundation day, family day, sports festival etc. Both the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff ensure the children have the best learning environment to bring out their innate talents that can be nurtured to soar high. Students are also encouraged to take part in various cultural activities apart from educational programs for an overall development of their personality. The curriculum of the school is also carefully designed for the students to become globally competitive with their academic excellence and also at the same time stresses on the importance human development through their holistic quality education.

    The school made its way to the best schools in Sharjah by following international standards in offering quality education as well as focusing to inculcate core values like humility, hard work, excellence, honesty, speed, nature loving and continuous development of the FEPSIAN’s to grow with confidence in not only themselves but the world around them.

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