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Best Schools in Sharjah Surely Make a Difference

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    October 19, 2017

    Parents’ lookout for the best schools that provides quality education and also other co-curricular activities for an overall development of their child. If you go through the school list in Sharjah the Far Eastern Private School ranks as one of the best schools in Sharjah that is preferred by many to join their children in school. This school has been established in 2001 in Sharjah following the Philippine curriculum and offers education for pre-elementary, elementary and secondary education to enrol the students. This school with more than 16 years of experience in offering education in Sharjah maintains the best standards in shaping the students to become responsible citizens in the future laying their path for a successful career and also a spiritually oriented person of character to lead a balanced life. The school focus on not only providing quality education but also molding the student’s character to be clear and firm on principles and grow into an individual with confidence in not only themselves but also people around them and the world to bring out the best change in the society. This is the reason that FEPS has been ranked as one of the best schools in Sharjah and many parents showing their interest to join their children in this school.

    The Far Eastern Private School is recognised by the department of education Philippine and also the host country UAE. The school has its campus in Sharjah and also opened an exclusive campus for girls in Al Azra campus from grade 5. The school works with a mission of providing holistic quality education to the students and also meet the global academic excellence with imbibing values like honesty, humility, excellence, hard work, team work and nature loving in the students who turn out into responsible citizens in the future. The school also provides the best of facilities to the students to grow in a safe environment and also be equipped with the life skills to succeed in life. Parents are also involved in different activities of the school like inviting them for the family day, sports festival, foundation day etc as they play a key role in their child’s life.

    The school also has outstanding infrastructure and transport facility along with best faculty and supporting staff that ensure quality education for the students in the school. You can go through the school curriculum and admission process to join your child in this school.

    Far Eastern Private School located in Sharjah. Established in 2001, has implemented the Philippine curriculum and is welcoming students who require Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Secondary Education. For more details about cheapest school in sharjah visit us.

    University City Road,Al Shahba
    Sulaiman Traffic Signal
    United Arab Emirates
    +971 6 568 0888

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